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Praised be God for this testimony of love, borne through the three excellent religions! May it increase and come to be ever stronger, extinguishing Along with the dew of affection and friendship any remaining source of contrast!

But his direct and specific applied in the phrase Tork-zaad in these kinds of a selected manner is adequate to show he wasn't Turkic or else assuming probability he was, there would be no ought to indicate the obvious!. (While we previously knew he wasn't Turk mainly because his mother was Kurdish and so at most acording to our friends he could well be a Kurd-Turk.).

Back to The problem at hand, presented The very fact that there are dozens of one-way links for museums that have only 1 or 2 traces, it would be very good introduce this museum in its possess independent url. Just producing about its historical past and location easily causes it to be lengthier than a number of the other Wikipedia entries. Therefore I help’s Khoikhoi’s suggestion using this type of regard. Concerning the languages Nezami spoke, Arabic and Persian are certain. Pahlavi pointed out by Nezami is a probably. The main reason is usually that Pahlavi has not been utilized as a faith but a language. Also Vis o Ramin which was a pre-Islamic era story was published in Pahlavi and thus the three pre-Islamic stories of Nezami may have experienced manuscripts. So That could be a perhaps. Hebrew and Greek or some other Christian language can be a probability. Kurdish (his mom or uncle who elevated him) or Qipchaqi (his first wife) are hypothetical because we don't posses any true specimen and thus fall during the classification of maybe. With out moving into details, the short article mentions his complete acquaintance with: oral and penned preferred and native tradition which basically covers lots with out entering into depth guesswork (i.e. Nasrani currently being Syriac or Armani or Greek or maybe translation of Christian texts into Arabic/Persian or Tabari currently being Tabari dialect or historian?).. --alidoostzadeh 08:52, 11 February 2007 (UTC) Persian identify

اي ترك، به گنجه از كجا افتادي كاندر دل و جان من، فكندي شادي

About Namdar. How do we know Kurds in Iraq tend not to research him? Also by mentioning him in school guides does it actually make him part of Azerbaijan literature. How about Kurdish literature or Iranian literature (if we ascertain this term as ethnically or geographically when Iran was bigger just like the Safavid period) or and so on. These becomes The subject of nationalists debates which in the end is not suited to wikipedia. By obvious definition, t Namdar wrote in Arabic, he is considered Element of Arabic literature unequivocally. Maybe Arabic literature in the geographical area of Azerbaijan (very obvious phrase). For all practical functions he enriched Arabic language and culture. BTW the data from Minorsky is found in his ebook: Scientific tests in Caucasian history. It can be inside the index segment exactly where he provides a paragraph about Nezami’s Kurdish mom, Masud ibn Namdar direct declare on remaining Kurd and Kurds of Arran and Ganjah also 24 tribes of Kurds in the caucus depending on the Sharafnameh. It possibly includes one of the most comprehensive article over the Shaddadid's developed thus far. It is often excellent to determine how Yet another person may well perspective these troubles and that's when There may be conflicting views, all of us chose to place Nezami's shared heritage Whilst I ought to have pointed out Kurds also.

I it has to be explained that I have in situation Persian text guides from the two the Shah’s period and Islamic revolution era. They all have a lot of excerpts from both of those Khaghani and Nizami of their initial language and they are praised greatly. Also I discussed no less than 6 key will work prior to Marr that cope with the biographies of Nizami and point out him as an excellent poet from the Iranian land. From Bahrestaan to Atashkadeh. In fact the main complete version of all of Nizami’s do the job was completed by Dr.

That's why one seems in the slightest degree of Persian poetry. Then There exists Christian element, Even though begin to see the Cambridge history of Iran along with other resources the place Shirin is actually mentined as a real character as well as a Christian in Khusraw's court docket.

Certainly, there was a country named Azerbaijan, that's the complete factor, and Except for Significantly scholarship about this in Russian language, the short article by Luther in Enc.

Concur. Most likely this quote you have should by now be inserted or normally have a hyperlink to prof. Clinton. I'll try to convey some extra offers from other sources much too, although the book on astronomy, published in Soviet moments, won't be in my possession for your few months.

When contacted by OCCRP reporters for remark, Baguirov reported the payment he received was none in their business enterprise.

There is certainly also another significant dispute: his birthplace. I counsel to mention each versions (Qum, stated inside the Britannica, and Ganja, outlined in Another resources) Along with the explanation that this subject matter is disputed. As for his ethnicity: Nizami getting "a Turk" is The most illogical promises ever.

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On The problem of Nezami and Qipchaqi or Azeri poetry. I do no believe Nezami wrote any poetry in Qipchaqi for his Qipchaq spouse and most likely his Qipchaq wife uncovered the language of Nezami’s poetry given Nezami’s robust emphasis on education and learning. Neither did he publish any Kurdish poetry before Khwajah Umar. I don't Imagine Nezami wrote a single verse in Kurdish or Qipchaq. My indicator of Here is the fact Nezami sends his son into the Shirvanshah’s court docket and advises them (Shirvanshah’s son in addition) to go through the Shahnameh and has suggested him in Persian. He might have quickly recommended him in any language, and usually the son learns the language in their mom. Also he likely would have despatched him to your court of one of many Turkic princes although these princes them selves had been very Persianized in manner and speech. Also only one can be illiterate and discover Yet another language effectively plenty of to communicate like many of the Turkic rulers. In Iran the literacy price now is about 80% (reduced for Girls) but ninety five%+ in the population understands Persian. Also Girls that were given as items by rulers might need been educated in various arts In addition to their purely natural beauty. On the flip side there was no need to have At the moment for Girls to generally be talk to perfect grammar and syntax. Merely till You can find such a Turkic or Kurdish specimen, we might hardly ever know and In spite of there staying Qipchaqs including the ruler Atabek Shams advertisement-din Jahan Pahlavan, thus far there hasn't been just one line of any authentically verified Turkic or Kurdish poetry from that period of time not only by Nezami but any poet from his era and site.

The subsequent 1 is Ebn Hawqal: the language of people of Azerbaijan and most people of Armenia is Iranian (Al-faresiya) which binds them together, while Arabic can be utilized amongst them; amongst people who talk al-faresiya , you can find few who usually do not fully grasp Arabic..’’ (same write-up)

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